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Sister-in-law blast Ogu on daughter’s birthday

2018-06-11 16:16:00
Summary :Sister-in-law blast Ogu on daughter’s birthday
Super Eagles Star, John Ogu has drawn the ire of his in-laws after he posted a message on his Twitter handle to celebrate his daughter Ivanna who turned one on Saturday.The player who should hit Russia on Monday with his national teammates for the FIFA World Cup has been separated from his wife Vera after two years of marriage.Owing to national duties, Ogu decided to express his fatherly love to Ivanna who has been with her mother since leaving Israel last year.But the love was not welcomed by Vera’s sister, Mimi who took to Twitter to vent her anger.Mimi @iam_meemee- could not hold back her emotions as she blasted the Israeli based midfielder for claiming to love his daughter.The current development implies that Ogu will have the heart of a lion to remain focused in Russia as he serves his father land inspite of his marital issues.The couple welcomed their daughter few months after their widely publicised wedding that was attended by the creme de la creme of the society.
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