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MINDRILL Jackhammer w/ Footrest MH505FR - 50 lb,120 cfm

2018-06-18 16:05:05
Giridhari Jhunjhunwala
Summary :Mindrill has established its niche as a prime construction and mining equipment suppliers in both the international and domestic market.Its outstanding services to customers by supplying high-grade quality pneumatic drill on time has increased its clientele base.

The MH505FR pneumatic jack hammer atlas copco. Sinker drill is a the footrest equipped version of the MH505L which is a time-tested and proven choice. This low-cost drill dominates the markets of India and Brazil due to its high return on investment and is designed for drilling through granite, hard faced rock, quarry drilling, bench drilling, and drilling secondary holes for blasting. It has built-in air flushing which facilitates the removal of drill chipping to reduce the risk of drill jamming. It also comes with a water flushed option for dust suppression applications. The footrest increases operator comfort and enables faster drilling. This is able to drill holes up to depths of 6 metres. This drill also has a robust kick-latch retainer for fast and convenient tool change.

Key Features:


• Built-in air flushing to reduce the risk of drill jamming

• Able to drill holes up to 6 metres deep

• Robust kick-latch type retainer for convenient tool change

• Market leader in India & Brazil

• Footrest increases convenience and enables faster drilling

• Traditional design accounts for easily available spare parts

• Parts interchangeable with Atlas Copco RH658 5L

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